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About the Department of Art

Our Vision, Mission and Values


The CSU Department of Art strives to be a first choice destination for discerning students who seek challenging programs in studio art, art education and art history with an engaged faculty pursuing creative and scholarly research within a vibrant, contemporary, globally‐aware department.


The Department of Art prepares its graduates for success in a global environment by providing student centered, comprehensive education in studio art, art education and art history. The Department of Art develops creative and intellectual potential, employs the highest quality pedagogy and fosters critical thinking through creative and scholarly research. The Department of Art endeavors to enrich the cultural fabric of our local, regional and global communities. We collaborate actively with the Columbus community to foster creative activity.


Pursue and attain the highest level of performance in teaching, scholarship, and creativity.

Develop in individuals the capacity for original thought, imagination, and the ability to transcend conventions.

Advance the arts as a meeting place for diverse bodies of knowledge and experience

Cultural Enrichment:
Contribute to the world through the creation of original artwork and research.

Foster a community of scholars that promotes faculty and student growth in their professional endeavors.

Service and Leadership:
Promote leadership that encourages faculty and student engagement in the pursuit of their creative and intellectual potential for the betterment of culture.

Create a scholastic community focused on learning in a liberal arts context, embodying the interrelatedness of process and outcome, theory and practice, as well as local and global perspectives.

Civic Engagement:
Provide innovative leadership in public art initiatives and public arts education to enhance the recognition of Columbus as a cultural center in Georgia and the Southeast.