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Alexandre III

Why did Michelangelo sculpt the David and why do we still care about it? Are those really pyramids at Chichén Itzá? Are they different from those at Gizeh? If those are the sorts of questions you wonder about, then art history might be your niche in college.


Art History majors learn about works of art and how art reflects the lives and cultures of the artists who made them. You will work closely with your faculty and other art history majors as you study this fascinating subject that involves the fine arts, humanities, sociology, and the sciences. Art History majors also have the opportunity to study art on-site in study-abroad programs that range from the U.K. to Japan, typically with financial support from scholarships and other grants.

Art History majors develop skills in observations, analysis, research, and writing. When you complete your major, you will have a well-balanced, comprehensive education in the history of art that has prepared you to continue your education in a graduate program, or you may decide to pursue other educational and professional opportunities including advertising, architecture, interior design, publishing, business management, medicine, and the law.

What courses do we offer?

Ghiberti Brancacci Chapel Students typically begin with three survey courses that provide a general foundation in art history: Introduction to the History of Art 1—Prehistoric to Gothic, Introduction to the History of Art II—Renaissance to Modern, and Introduction to Non-Western Art. These courses provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to advance into more specialized courses, such as Modernist Art, Italian Renaissance Art, Northern Baroque Art, and Nineteenth-Century Art. Later, you will focus your education more specifically in special topics courses such as Realism and Impressionism, Popular Culture, and Mary Magdalene in the Visual Arts. All of these courses are listed in the course catalogue for your year.

For a list of our Art History classes, please view the current Academic Catalogue Course Listings for Art History.

For a list of our course rotation, please view our Sample Art History Course Rotation.
For a list of a typical course progression over four years, please view our Sample Art History Program of Study.

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