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Number 8 Collective Plastic Poetics: Notes on the Blacktop
Where: Art Lab, Depot Art Studio Building 933 Front Avenue
Hours: Mon and Wed 1:30 - 4, Fri 12 - 4, Sat: 11 - 4
Please check out the new installation by Number 8 Collective, Ana Terry and Don Hunter, PLASTIC POETICS - NOTES ON THE BLACKTOP in the ART LAB GALLERY, Art Studios Building located at the corner of Front and 10th Street. This interactive installation is a good example of integrating language, technology and art.

New Zealand exhibitors, Ana Terry and Don Hunter are resident artists at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marrietta, GA where they are both currently teaching. Ana Terry is a renowned artist and designer and currently a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at SPSU teaching in the Department of ETCMA (English, Technical Communication and Media Arts). Don Hunter has been working in the visual arts and cultural industry for over 15 years as a manager, mentor, artist, local government manager, educator and technician.

During the last six years, Ana Terry and Don Hunter were awarded the William Hodges Fellowship Art Residency in Southland, New Zealand (2008), the inaugural Platform China ArtistResidency in Beijing, China (2010), and a Arts Residency in Colombia at Casa Tres Patios (2012).

Department of Art will present the Graduating Senior Thesis Exhibition in the Illges Gallery from April 29 - May 10, Reception, May 10 at 6 – 8 pm. The scope of student artwork presented reflects a diverse selection of disciplines including paintings, photographs, printmaking, drawings, videos, performance and sculpture. This thesis exhibition will demonstrate not only the high quality of work produced by CSU Department of Art BFA and BSEd in Art Education candidates, but it will also show their dedication to continually testing their artistic ideas and capabilities as they launch their careers as young artists.

Six Pack: Working Abs , curated by Hannah Israel combines six painters who utilize nature, technology, and psychology in works that combine digital and conventional media and play with spatial reconfigurations. The artists participating in the exhibition, Mathew Zefeldt, Jon Barwick, Laurel Farrin, Dan Devening, Frances Barth, and Douglas Degges, exercise the themes of abstraction to revive the nonobjective aesthetic and concepts as a way to explore our contemporary world. Exhibition on view: September 4 – October 5, 2012. Panel of Discussion: September 11, 5:30 – 6:30, moderator: Orion Wertz, followed by a reception

Model Corporate Citizen – Dr. Bret Lefler, artist and educator with CSU Department of Art, will be showing his recent work in the Illges Gallery Project Space. This new body of work questions the function of branding as a means to empower the individual. Lefler's work embodies intangible concepts and ideas of Art as a commodity by transforming them into material goods capable of being marketed, sold, and collected. Exhibition will on view: September 4 – October 5, 2012, Reception for Bret Lefler, September 18, 4:30 - 6 pm

Columbus State University Department of Art presents The Columbus Artists' Guild 2012 Member Exhibition in the Norman Shannon and Emmy Lou P. Illges Gallery, June 10 – 23.

The Columbus Artists' Guild in Columbus, Georgia, was formed in 1950, and is a 501-c3 non-profit organization. Its purpose is to support local artists to come together, to learn, to promote and to gain support from old and new friendships. Guild members hope the public will then be encouraged to join them, by participating in the artistic process, and celebrating the artistic endeavor on a personal level.

Leslie Shirah "Installation"
Fulcrum Gallery
June 1 - July 31

Leslie Shirah is a professional artist and educator living in Columbus, Georgia. She received her BFA in ceramics and sculpture from Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia and her MFA in sculpture from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. Resourcing local natural materials, papermaking, and the connection to personal memories influence the direction of her work. Leslie has exhibited her work nationally and is a contributing artist to the School of Art and Design at East Carolina University's permanent collection. She has lead workshops in both papermaking and ceramics and presented at the Sculpture Consortium of North Carolina hosted at East Carolina University in 2009. Leslie is currently the wood shop coordinator and an adjunct at Columbus State University, Columbus Georgia.

Papercuts: A Poetic Interplay of Light and Shadow

paper paper

Curator's Lecture by Reni Gower, March 22 at 11 am, Lecture Room 117, Carpenters Hall 4 Ninth Street, Columbus, GA 31901 (Corner of Broadway and 9th St)

Columbus State University Department of Art presents "Papercuts" curated by Reni Gower. The exhibition will feature delicate works by emerging and established national and international artists. Please come and join us for the opening on March 22, 6:30 - 8 pm in the Illges Gallery.

Born in Australia, France, Czech Republic, Canada, and the United States, the artists ( Jaq Belcher, Béatrice Coron, Michelle Forsyth, Reni Gower, Lenka Konopasek, Lauren Scanlon, and Daniella Woolf) bring a broad range of international perspectives to the contemporary art of paper cutting. Using all manner of tools and paper, the artists create works that range from narrative commentaries to complex structural abstractions. Their works are bold contemporary statements that celebrate the subtle nuance of the artist's hand through a process that traces its origins to 6th century China. Light, shadow, and color play key roles, transforming this ancient technique into dynamic installations filled with delicate illusions.

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A Special Installation:


Elizabeth Shanks

March 22 - April 24, 2012
Fulcrum Gallery
1011 Broadway

Working primarily with paper,Elizabeth Shanks depicts structures intertwined with imagined nature. She is inspired by the narratives of the overgrown South, by silhouettes and cast shadows and by the potential of creating enchanting paper spaces. After completing a BA in Studio Art and Creative Writing, she moved to Charlotte, NC. When she's not cutting paper, she moonlights as a Display Coordinator for Anthropologie.


ian david michele

SOFT SCIENCE, January 31 - March 3, 2012, Curated by Hannah Israel and Erika Adams

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious—the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” -Albert Einstein

Soft Science explores the intimate relationship between science and art. Pursuing moments of invention and methods by which we understand the world, the artists participating in the exhibition re-imagine phenomena and systems of information, creating altered perceptions and landscapes. By constructing new models of understanding – using visual taxonomy, remembered maps, or the arrangement and re-arrangement of ideas and objects – these artists locate us in relation to the world we inhabit. Their interpretations challenge our awareness of our surroundings and our knowledge of the present.

Soft Science looks at a world that can be rationalized through intuition by envisioning alternate readings of information to create new models of understanding. Each artist's personal relationship to their work is present in their projects. The following artists participating in this exhibition are Mary Stewart, Jill Parisi, Chuck Hemard, Barb Bondy, Nina Katchadourian, Hannah Burr, David Shannon Lier, and Ian Van Coller.


curtain "Space Reliant, An erasure of the border between the screen and the body," curated by Hannah Israrel, Exhibition reception October 28, 5:30 – 7 pm, with artist talk, Liz Rodda, Exhibition is open to the public, November 1 – 19, Illges Gallery

This curated exhibition, “Space Reliant, An erasure of the border between the screen and the body,” is a survey of video works that investigates the relationship of space in relation to the body and the cinematic screen. The concept of space within the screen reflects a sense of ambiguity as the relationship between the objects and the maker is created. This exhibition will feature four major works by Hiraki Sawa, Liz Rodda, Lynda Bengalis, and Gordon Matta-Clark.

nam "Senior Thesis Exhibition," Illges Gallery, November 29 – December 10, Opening reception: December 3, 6 – 8 pm

Every semester, the Department of Art presents the Graduating Senior Thesis Exhibition in the Illges Gallery. The scope of student artwork presented reflects a diverse selection of disciplines, paintings, photographs, printmaking, drawings, videos, performance and sculpture. This thesis exhibition demonstrates not only the high quality of work produced by CSU Department of Art BFA and BSed in Art Education candidates, but also their dedication to continually testing their artistic ideas and capabilities as they launch their careers as young artists.

faculty " 2011 CSU Studio Arts: Faculty and Staff Exhibition," August 30 – September 24, Reception: September 8, 5:30 – 7 pm, Illges Gallery

Every two years, the Norman Shannon and Emmy Lou P. Illges Gallery presents an exhibition of the studio arts faculty and staff of CSU Department of Art. The 2011 show features 12 artists who teach full-time, adjunct, and are technical support in the department's core foundation studio program and its professional degrees offerings, BFA in Studio Arts, BA in Art History, BSed in Art Education, and MSEd in Art Education.

The breadth of the faculty, staff and curriculum are reflected in the variety of this show to include contemporary subjects. The artists in the show comes from multiple diciplines that reflect traditional media such as oil and acrylic, ceramics, works that feature the use of mixed materials and those that explore concept and theory. Thematic references range broadly from the environment, social concerns, storytelling, and conceptual aesthetic and philosophies. This exhibition exposes the department's students to the actual work of their mentors. The intention for this exhibition is to encourage and deeper and more meaningful dialogue.


"Crossing the Bridge Paintings of Life and Death by Mike Howard ,” curated by Fred Fussell , October 4 – October 22, Illges GalleryReception October 1, 5:30 – 7 with artist and curator talk.

Curated by Fred Fussell, former curator of Exhibitions at Columbus Museum of Art, “ Crossing the Bridge Paintings of Life and Death by Mike Howard,” reflects the most recent body of work by Mike Howard. Howard grew up across just across the Dillingham Bridge in Phenix City, Alabama. Mike left Phenix City in the mid-1960s and moved to Brooklyn, New York. He returned to Columbus where he received an art education degree from Columbus College and earned an MFA degree from Rutgers University, where he studied with Leon Golub. After receiving his Masters degree, Howard taught at Rutgers University for eight years. Mike Howard has been associated with Fluxus, a movement similar in spirit to the earlier art movement of Dada, in which an emphasis is placed on the concept of anti-art and ridiculing the seriousness of modern art. This exhibition in the Illges Gallery coincides with an exhibition of Mike's work at the Contemporary in Atlanta, “Good Ole Boy” curated by Stuart Horodner.


Fall 2010

Taiwan: From within the Mist