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Judy Barr Dodds

Part-Time Instructor

Judy Barr Dodds


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BFA - University of Michigan
MS - Medical College of Georgia

Specialty Area

Drawing and Scientific Illustration


Judy Barr Dodds received her B.F.A. with a concentration in painting from the University of Michigan, and her M.S. degree in medical illustration from the Medical College of Georgia (Georgia’s Health Sciences University) in Augusta, Georgia. She has worked as an illustrator for various medical education programs such as the Barrow Neurological Institute and Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix, and the Hughston Sports Medicine Foundation in Columbus, GA. These experiences helped hone her skills in clarity, accuracy and visual manipulation. Her work as appeared in many publications. She served as co-director of the Joseph House Art Gallery in Columbus, GA. Judy has enjoyed numerous exhibitions of her medical illustration and fine art drawing and painting, and her work is in private collections throughout the Southeast and Midwest.

Judy's teaching philosophy is to strongly encourage her students to develop their skills in observation and draftsmanship, which allows them to draw on those skills in future creative endeavors.

Artist Statement

Drawn to the art of medicine either because the natural subjects are themselves alluring or because the seduction of the detail lends itself to the subject of medicine, I adore the detail. I am drawn to the psychological enterprise used to take in a work of art.

There is beauty in the simple detail.  By framing a subject in different ways, one can create 'landscapes' of mundane objects, thus recreating and reintroducing them to the viewer. When this involves the use of manipulative agents as texture or color, the outcome can be very exciting for the audience.

My interest in reproducing nature’s beauty is balanced between attending to the subtle and often-overlooked detail, and the intrigue of understanding the psychological activity of processing the image no matter the medium. I am infinitely fascinated by how, depending on line direction and application of medium, the viewer’s eye may be moved around in a predictable or predetermined manner by the artist.

Selected Works

Storm Triptych Blue Storm