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Yuichiro Komatsu

Assistant Professor of Art

Yuichiro Komatsu


Mr. Yuichiro Komatsu

Position: Associate Professor
Office: Yancey Center 210
Phone: 706-507-8304

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2004-05 The DAAD Postgraduate Research Fellowship
Kunsthocshule Berlin Weissensee/Universitat der Kunste

2003 Master of Fine Arts (Ceramics)
New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University

1999 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics)
State University of New York at New Paltz

Specialty Area



My work primarily deals with a notion of space in contemporary, architectural landscape. Having lived in a different cultural environment in Asia, Europe and North America, I am interested in investigating how we define a notion of space in both domestic and public environments.

Ceramics has been a primary medium in my professional practice. Clay is one of the most primitive, yet versatile materials that most civilizations have utilized as part of their cultural productions. Transformation of “natural” clay that is malleable and primitive into “cultural” ceramics that becomes permanent upon firing fascinates me. My work investigates the physical, social, historical, cultural and metaphorical aspect of Ceramics.

In my recent work, I attempt to create a model-like architectural object and structure of a familiar, contemporary industrial landscape. My work explores the fragile nature of our system and infrastructure that are often idealized. The work exists in the liminal state between “fragility” and “permanency”. Through manipulation and transformation of material and form, one’s perception oscillates between the “real” and the “fabricated”. In the state of transience and ambiguity, there is a sense of ephemeral beauty and unimaginable possibility that I seek to explore.

Selected Works