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St. EOM's Pasaquan

Pasaquan is a seven-acre art environment that consists of six major structures, more than 900 feet of painted masonry fence, painted totems, decorative walkways, sculptures, and other art and artifacts. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered among the most important visionary art environments in the United States.

Eddie Owens Martin, who introduced himself as St. EOM, was the creator of Pasaquan. This visionary artist who had no formal training reveled in the intuitive, creative art process. St. EOM was influenced by many artistic traditions including Mesoamerican, African, and Eastern art, but the content of his work was constructed from utopian visions. His life was a series of journeys, both physical and spiritual. At the age of fourteen, Eddie left his home in Glen Alta, Georgia and hitch-hiked to New York City, hitting the streets Pasaquan Towerat the beginning of the roaring twenties. After a few decades in New York, Eddie's mother died, and he came back to Georgia where he began his work on Pasaquan for the next 30 years. 

In 2014, the Kohler Foundation began the work of preserving Pasaquan, and this restoration effort should be complete by the spring of 2016. This project is one of the largest art environment, preservation initiatives Kohler Foundation has taken on. The work includes both object and painting conservation with conservators coming from International Artifacts (Houston) and Parma Conservation (Chicago). Local tradespeople under general contractor T.G. Gregory addressed structural concerns and functionality in the six buildings. Interns from Columbus State University continue to be involved in documentation, organization of archives, and assisting with the conservation processes.

CSU Pasaquan Mission

Columbus State University's priority is to preserve, maintain, provide access to and assist in the interpretation of Pasaquan. We aspire to give visitors a unique insight into the intuitive artistic process by engaging people through diverse programming, interdisciplinary workshops, lectures, seminars, retreats, and performances.

Pasaquan Archives Mission

The mission of the archives is to preserve, maintain and provide access to the collection of artworks, articles of craft and costume, decorative objects, writings, photographs and other materials relating to St EOM's life and Pasaquan. The archive is located on the third-floor of the Schwob Memorial Library.

Pasaquan Education Goals

• Establish University-wide curricula that center on Pasaquan.
• Foster partnerships through comprehensive community outreach and service learning opportunities.
Eddie at Pasaquan Main Room in Full Costume• Develop programming that is culturally enriching and engenders respect for "visionary art" and the creative differences of others.
• Create workshops and encourage seminars, which promote self-exploration.
• Deepen visitors understanding of "visionary art" and inspire them to express themselves creatively.

Hours of Operation

Pasaquan will be opening to the public starting Oct. 22nd, 2016; however, group tours can be scheduled by calling 706-507-8306.

Thurs-Sat. 10-5pm.
Closed during Federal and Bank holidays and the months of December and July.

Suggested Contribution: $5 for adults, $3 for seniors, $2 for students

Once Pasaquan opens to the public, it will have an interactive interpretive center for visitors and each visitor will be provided with a sitemap, which will have interpretive information for a self-guided tour of the grounds.

Group Tours

Guided Group tours with CSU staff or guest tour guides can be scheduled by contacting Michael McFalls, Director of Pasaquan -, 706-507-8306.

Suggested Group Tour Contribution:
Groups of 10 or less $100
Groups of 10- 20 $150
Groups of 20 - 30 $200
Groups of 30 - 40 $250

Private Events

Once Pasaquan opens to the public, we will be able to host events such as; artistic workshops, retreats, performances, weddings, and private dinners. Call or email the Director of Pasaquan, Michael McFalls, 706-507-8306 to schedule a walk through to help plan events.


Pasaquan and the Columbus Museum of Art have partnered for an exhibit titled:"St. EOM's Pasaquan Past, Present, and Future" May 28- September 4, 2016, Yarbrough Gallery. This exhibit was guest curated by Columbus State University (CSU) students and offers viewers an introduction to Pasaquan and St. EOM.

St EOM's Pasaquan

The CSU Archives and Pasaquan have loaned over 80, never exhibited, works on paper by St. EOM to LaGrange Art Museum. In partnership with Pasaquan's grand opening, the LaGrange Art Museum will show these works and other pieces from the CSU collection in Oct. 2016.

LaGrange Art Museum


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