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Art Studio class critiquing artwork in Lumpkin Glen

Comprehensive, Rigorous, and Accredited

Foundations in Art

Foundations in Art prepare students with fundamental skills, knowledge, and experiences essential for intermediate and advanced work in art history, art education and studio art. The foundation experience is designed to develop skills in critical thinking, visual analysis, problem solving, creative production, and communication. Students explore interdisciplinary connections and strategies for concept development. Foundations provide the student with a solid base for further development as visual arts professionals.

Visit the Academic Catalog for a complete listing of all art degrees and program requirements.

Art Education

( B.S.Ed., M.Ed., and M.A.T.)
Art Education prepares highly qualified teachers of art for instruction in elementary and secondary schools by providing challenging course work in pedagogy, curriculum content, and assessment consistent with the national, state, and local standards and goals.

The graduate program in art education provides students with an opportunity to further their knowledge through investigation and research of current issues and curriculum in art education and to pursue their creative work in the studios.

Art History (B.A.)

Our new Art History degree program provides students with an opportunity to study Western and Non-Western Art from pre-history to the present day. Students learn about works of art and develop an understanding about how they reflect the lives and cultures of the artists who made them. It draws on varied means of study found in the fine arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences.

Students who graduate from this program will be prepared to enter graduate school in art history but art history majors may pursue other educational and professional opportunities as diverse as advertising, publishing, business management, medicine and law. Students develop and refine skills in visual analysis, historical research, writing and oral communication.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art is designed for students discovering, exploring and developing their own creative talents while preparing them for graduate school or arts-related careers. The degree is well-rounded general fine arts degree with approximately 60% of the total program in studio courses, supportive courses in art and design, and studies in the history of the visual arts. Students may choose to focus in one of several media concentrations or investigate in a broad interdisciplinary manner. The focus is on the progressive nature of the learning experience combined with a rigorous review and exhibition cycle culminating in a professionally mounted final exhibition.

B.A. in Art

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art program provides students with an opportunity to discover their own creative talents while preparing themselves for arts related careers or graduate school. The curriculum is designed to develop individual artistic vision, technical skills, visual literacy, aesthetic inquiry, and proficiency in verbal and written communication. The BA in Art program allows students to explore their interests and refine skills in ceramics, digital media, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture while pursuing a liberal arts degree at CSU. The BA in Art program is oriented towards a general and broad immersion in the field of art. Studio courses are supplemented with studies in art history, visual culture, foreign language, and campus wide electives.

Art Minor

The Minor in Art offers an eighteen-semester hour sequence for those students wishing to pursue exposure to a basic art experience or to supplement related curriculum.

Art History Minor

The Minor in Art History offers students an experience in art, studying art from pre-history to the current era for students wishing to gain a background in art history.

Certificate in Visual Communication

The Certificate in Visual Communication is a joint certificate offered by the Department of Art and the Department of Communication in the College of Arts. The purpose is to teach students how to apply creative and technical skills in the professional world. The art courses prepare students to pursue independent research for a personal body of artwork. The communication courses will allow students to practice and refine those creative skills in response to industry demands. This certificate will support the university population by offering an overview of skills that have become central to the current media culture.

Georgia Film Academy On-Set Film Production Certificate

Department of Art students have access to participate in the Georgia Film Academy through the CSU Department of Communication.

The On-Set Film Production Certificate consists of 18 hours of academic credit. The first 6-hour course provides an introduction to the skills necessary for employment in the film/TV industry. The remaining 12 hours of courses consist of an internship and highly specialized training and skill electives that provide students with a basic level of on-set film production skills, knowledge of the film industry‘s standard organizational structure, professional equipment, and on-set procedures.