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Residency Programs

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A Unique Model for Teaching, Production, and Outreach

Visiting Artists and Scholars Residency Program (VASRP) and Summer River Fellow

The Visiting Artist and Scholar Residency Program and the Summer River Fellow brings prominent studio artists, art historians, art critics, and curators to CSU's Department of Art for long or short term residencies. Residents interact with students and faculty, lead workshops related to their disciplines, and give public lectures on their work. They may offer a seminar on a topic within their area of expertise, mount exhibitions, or work with students and faculty on collaborative projects. Our residents are provided with an apartment within one block from their studio in the newly renovated Seaboard Depot Art Studios, and the Corn Center for the Visual Arts. Residents pursue their own research and creative production, and invariably find their visit to Columbus's thriving arts community to be a positive, productive, and enjoyable experience. This highly successful program, now in its sixth year, has been made possible through the generous support of the Mildred Miller Fort Foundation, the Norman S. and Emmy Lou P. Illges Foundation, the CSU Friends of Art, and many others.

Spring 2020 AIR / Maria Porges

February 24 - March 19

With a lifelong relationship with the printed word, Maria Porges explore books as both physical material and subject matter. As a primary source for her collages, she has been making art for the past three years using the library left behind by her Anglophile grandmother Mary Löw, a citizen of the late Austro-Hungarian Empire and an avid reader of mediocre German translations of novels by British writers. "These volumes—printed in many different old-fashioned blackletter typefaces, all equally impenetrable—were unwanted by libraries or collectors and destined for landfill by the time I took them in. Their new life as art functions as reclamation of their value and, at the same time, serves as an uncomfortable recognition of the decreasing role of books in a digital media world." For over two decades, Maria Porges's art work has been exhibited internationally, and her critical writing has appeared in many publications, including Artforum, Art in America, Sculpture, American Ceramics, Glass, the New York Times Book Review, and a host of now-defunct art magazines. Porges is an Associate Professor at California College of the Arts in the Graduate Program in Fine Arts.

Two Types of Residency Programs

Visiting Artists and Scholars Residency Program

The Visiting Artist and Scholar Residency Program and Summer River Fellow Residency Program bring prominent studio artists, art historians, art critics, and curators to CSU's Department of Art. VASRP residencies are typically 4 weeks in length and Summer Fellow residencies are typically 2-4 weeks, although additional time is negotiable. Both VASRP and Summer River Fellows receive research stipends based on the type and length of their residency.

Summer River Fellows Program

The Summer River Fellows Program brings in recent MFA graduates from top art programs to work in CSU's Department of Art each summer. The program provides each fellow with a 2-4 week residency, which includes studio space, lab facilities, housing, and a stipend. In return, the fellows work with students and faculty, and give public lectures and workshops. The goal of the Summer River Fellows Program is to assist young artists in their professional development while adding value to our program and the arts culture of Columbus.