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Department of Art

Scholarships for Current Students

We regularly offer an array of competitive scholarships to incoming students. Applications are screened by an appointed faculty committee, which has sole discretion in determining recipients of the awards. Recipients who are selected are asked to attend the scholarship and awards ceremony. They will also be asked to write a thank you note to their benefactor in the Fall and serve volunteer hours. Academic Applications are completed online at CSU Department of Art Scholarship Application and Travel Application at CSU Department of Art Travel Scholarship Application

Regular Application Deadline, March 19, 2021

When applying for the scholarships, please keep the following in mind:

  • A general application must be submitted for consideration each academic year, as scholarships are not automatically renewed.
  • For general scholarship, you must have a 3.0 gpa. For Funding Future Artist, you must have 3.3 gpa to qualify.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time in Fall 2021 to be eligible for an award.
    We do not offer scholarships for part-time enrollment.
  • Scholarships are allocated to student accounts in the following manner: 50 percent of the award is credited in August for the Fall 2021 and the other 50 percent in the Spring of 2022 semester.
  • Students traveling in Summer 2021 will not be awarded prior to travel.
    (Due to Covid-19, the Department of Art will not be offering any study abroad program in 2021.)
  • Students are encouraged to review all information about the awards. Academic and travel awards are extremely competitive. Students should have all necessary credentials for serious consideration.
  • One general application guarantees consideration for any of the scholarships for which an applicant qualifies, so it is not necessary to apply for specific scholarships by name.

Department of Art Scholarships:

  • The CSU Friends of Art Scholarship Award
  • The Bebe Smith Art Scholarship Endowment
  • The Columbus Junior Woman's Club Fine Arts Endowment
  • The Frances H. Ellis Art Scholarship Endowment
  • The Columbus Artist Guild
  • The Virginia Pekor Culpepper Art Scholarship Endowment
  • The Mary F. Passailaigue Art Scholarship Endowment for Art
  • The Gerry Bosch Art Scholarship Endowment
  • The Allen Horne Scholarship Endowment for Art in Photography
  • The Betty Corn Scholarship Endowment
    The Edward Shorter Art Scholarship Endowment
  • The Janet B. Hollis Scholarship Endowment for Art
  • Friends of Art: Funding Future Artists Scholarship Recipients: May renew this scholarship every year once awarded. The student will need to go through the application process and must meet requirements for renewal.

Please be aware of the deadlines and note that the deadlines may change from year to year.

Contact Professor Hannah Israel for scholarship application questions.

Study Abroad

The department offers opportunities for Study Abroad. We regularly offer Study Abroad experiences in Japan and Italy, supported with competitive Study Abroad Travel Scholarship opportunities. Please see your academic advisor, Center for International Education website, or Administrative Assistant for more information about upcoming Study Abroad programs and be sure to submit a travel scholarship application.

*** Due to Covid -19 and the safety of our students and faculty we are not offering study abroad in the summer of 2021. Please consider planning ahead for the Art in Italy summer study abroad program 2022.

Internships and Career Planning

The department offers internship opportunities and can provide guidance on career planning and placement. Many of our students benefit from internships within the department, at the Columbus Museum, and other locations. For questions about internship opportunities read this link: Types of Internships for Arts Majors

For internship opportunities:

Curatorial and Museum Studies:

Illges Gallery contact
The Columbus Museumcontact
The Bartlett Center and Pasaquan contact

Workforce Opportunities

Animation contact
All other inquiries contact

Arts Intern
Chegg Internships - Art Internships
Americans for the Arts Internships