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Department Scholarships

Application forms may be found:

  • On the corkboard outside of the Art Department office, Yancey 219
  • On the web at:

Tips on applying for scholarships:

  • If needed, write out responses on another sheet so you can proofread and change before submitting an application.
  • Spell-check, spell-check, spell-check!
  • Write in a paragraph format (no bullet point lists)
  • Artwork in the portfolio should represent the student's current creative and technical abilities.
  • All artwork must be original. Copies of published works are unacceptable. Primary consideration will be given to originality and creativity.
  • Copies from magazines, comic books, animation, CD covers, or movie posters are not acceptable.
  • Avoid overused, stereotyped, or timeworn imagery.
  • Your work must demonstrate foundation level craftsmanship and skill in the chosen media and processes in regard to technical skills, competent control, awareness of material capabilities and limits, and quality of the finished work (neat, clean, attentive details, well-crafted).
  • Participate and attend visiting artist/scholar lectures, exhibition openings, events, etc. throughout the semester. We want to see you participating in art related events.

Study Abroad

The department offers opportunities for Study Abroad. We regularly offer Study Abroad experiences in Japan and Italy, supported with competitive Study Abroad Travel Scholarship opportunities. Please see your academic advisor, Center for International Education website, or Administrative Assistant for more information about upcoming Study Abroad programs and be sure to submit a travel scholarship application.

Internships and Career Planning

The department offers internship opportunities and can provide guidance on career planning and placement. Many of our students benefit from internships within the department, at the Columbus Museum, and other locations.

Current Student FAQ's

Who is my advisor?

Your advisor is assigned and will be listed in ______.

What are the hours of operation in the art facilities?

Operating hours are posted on the doors to the facilities

How do I apply for a departmental or Federal Work Study position?

Please see your advisor or Administrative Assistant.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

See above application information.